10 Blogs for Pizza Lovers

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Let’s talk about pizza. If you’re a pizza lover, chances are the phrase “too much pie” seldom crosses your lips, and happily, there’s a world of cheesy, saucy goodness out there, just waiting to tickle your taste buds. Still, there’s a lot more to say about pizza than, “Make mine a large with mozzarella, mushrooms, and pepperoni,” as a host of bloggers prove every day.

You might be interested in, maybe even surprised by, their various pizza perspectives.

Baking Steel

Blogs for Pizza Lovers-Baking Steel

This slick, photo-rich blog focuses on pizza from the bottom up, specifically on supplying pizzerias with—you guessed it—baking steel rounds and pans, which they say produce the crispest, thinnest, most evenly cooked crusts. The site even offers online classes in how to make pizza using the product.

Scott’s Pizza Journal

Blogs for Pizza Lovers-2016-Scott's Pizza Journal

It’s hard to resist a blog written by the guy who owns a Guinness World Record for the largest collection of pizza boxes. Scott runs pizzeria tours in the Big Apple, writes for pizza trade magazines, and has written a book about his magnificent box obsession.

Pizza Therapy

Blogs for Pizza Lovers-2016-Pizza Therapy

“Pizza on earth; Good will to all!” Calling pizza the “magic little disk that makes things happen,” the folks here offer visitors secret recipes from time to time. You’ll also find pizzeria reviews and interviews with top pizziaolos.

For the Love of Pizza

Blogs for Pizza Lovers-2016-For the Love of Pizza

Written by a self-described pizzaholic, this prolific blog casts far and wide for pizza-related topics. (Our favorite included a pizza pie chart reflecting presidential candidates’ campaign spending.) Other recent topics include posts on Whole Foods pizza, octopus pizza, and the top 30 pizzas in New York City.

Serious Eats

This blog is wallpapered with big, appetizing photos that link to topics of concern to every pizza lover: “The $7,000 Pizza Oven You Don’t Need,” “The Right Way to Top a Pizza with Zucchini,” and “Pizza Hack: Is Copper Better Than Baking Steel?” for example.

Legends of Pizza

Here’s where you learn about the men and women behind the pie—namely, the most talented pizza makers in the world. The site includes interviews, photos, and videos, and the collected posts resulted in a book—actually, two books, Volumes I and II—also called Legends of Pizza.

Pizza Delivery Stories

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to deliver pizzas part-time? Well, wonder no more! This basic, streamlined blog is a forum where pizza delivery drivers get together for some plain talk about the trade. Mostly dormant until very recently, the author promises to be resuming posts, but fortunately there are tons of old posts to comb through.

I Dream of Pizza

This site—self-proclaimed as the web’s most popular pizza blog—has been praising the pie since 2008 and features hundreds of pizzeria reviews covering 25 states and 18 countries. It’s also been featured in publications as posh as The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

Pizza TV

Hosted on the PMQ Pizza Magazine site, this video blog covers pizza from all angles—including some you probably never imagined. Tune in for a clip of Chicago pizziaolo Gino Rago demonstrating his award-winning Grandma Pie, or a short video about the Western Pizza Summit.

Buck’s Pizza

It takes a big blog to recommend somebody else’s blog. Fortunately, we here at Buck’s have the confidence it takes. We are, after all, dedicated pizza lovers ourselves. That solidarity, that sense of pie-lover brotherhood is why you can count on us to point you at all the blogs fit for pizza lovers to surf. It’s also why you should consider bookmarking our site for the fantastic pizza writing—and pizza making—needs!

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