How to Host the Perfect 4th of July Get-Together

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For many families, the Fourth of July means hosting get-togethers, complete with kids playing with sparklers in the backyard and plenty of lemonade to beat the heat. It also means delicious food and festive decorations that capture the spirit of the holiday. If the Independence Day party is at your house this year, you’ll definitely want to set the right tone. This guide will give you some handy tips on the types of foods and decorations you’ll want to feature in your entertainment line-up for the Fourth.

Before you start…

Independence Day 4th of July

If your party is going to be a very big affair, you’ll want to do some planning ahead to make sure you are providing enough food and drink for your guests. And you’ll need to adjust the amount of food you’re planning on offering if you’re doing a potluck as your guests will also bring some food and drink with them. If the latter is the case, make sure that you start a list so that you don’t have too much of some items (like seven bags of potato chips), but not enough of another (soda).

Light the way

Independence Day 4th of July decorations

If you have a long walk in the front of your home, you’ll definitely want to find a festive way to light it. One simple way to do this is to create Mason jar lanterns. Either save your extra fruit and spaghetti sauce jars, or buy some jars at the local craft and hobby store. Also purchase some decorative elements like red, white, and blue glitter, glue, stick-on stars, and ribbons. Decorate the outsides of the jars with the crafty items. Or buy miniature flags to decorate the sides with to save time. Fill the jars with some sand and insert a votive light. Light up the candles when dusk starts to fall.

Let’s go fly a kite

Independence Day 4th of July kites

Nothing says summer and the Fourth quite like a little kite-flying. Now you can bring the free-spirited fun of kite-flying to your party by creating a garland of Fourth of July flags. They’re really simple to make. All you need to do is cut some red, white, and blue scrapbook paper into the shapes of kites. Make them small enough that you can attach a standard-size straw to the back to function as the kite’s spine. Glue a straw on the back of each kite shape. Then cut out smaller rectangles for the tail. Use a hot glue gun to attach some twine (the tail) onto the kites. Attach the kite tails onto the twine. Once these are dry, glue the kites onto a longer piece of twine and string the garland up along the wall or on a fence.

Bacon-wrapped dogs

Sonoran hot dog

This one is a fun one! Give your party’s hot dogs a twist with some bacon. To get started, wrap the hot dogs in strips of bacon and throw them on the grill. Garnish them with yummy stuff like refried beans, avocados, red onions, and other fixings.

Final thoughts on planning

As these things go, Independence Day parties often wind up with more participants than the host originally planned for. If that turns out to be the case, why not do something really easy and festive? Try ordering take-out pizza with a twist. Ask the company in question if it’s possible to make square-shaped pizzas that are decorated like flags. The last part of the request is easy enough to pull off. They can create stripes with some sliced pepperoni or bacon slices and stars with some chopped olives. And viola! Patriotic pizza to go!

Happy Independence Day!

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