How to Host a Tropical-Themed Party at Home

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Some people are party goers and some are party throwers. Some people like a casual gathering while others want to feel like they’re escaping to a totally transformed space. If you’re a party thrower looking to transform your home into a tropically-themed paradise for an evening of fun, start with the easiest measures and keep going until it feels the way you want.

Food first

Nothing does more for a theme than having the right food. Authentic food is nice, but the aesthetic you create might even be better. Serving tropical tasting food may not just make sense to the eyes, but the smells and decorative power of pineapples is hard not to notice. Whether you’re trying for a high class affair or kitchey, cute, and casual, forgetting to include the fruit will lead to people feeling like they’re missing something.

Let’s be clear, you don’t have to include pineapple in every dish, but having it present is probably a good idea. Mangos, limes, coconut, banana — any food found in the tropics is fair game for creating hors d’oeuvres. If you’re serving main dishes and desserts, you can go authentic or go for the look over the taste of the tropics.

There’s also an option to go quick and easy while giving yourself more time to concentrate on the atmosphere of the party. Instead of putting on an apron, you can pick up the phone and order a “Hawaiian-style” pizza from your favorite local pizzeria. Some places even offer additional variations to the tropical theme, going beyond the usual ham and pineapple.

Find your space

Hosting at home doesn’t mean you have to have it inside the home. If you’ve got a backyard, you can use it to great effect and a pool deck may be the perfect place, even if you don’t plan on taking a plunge at the party. Unless you live on the beach, setting the stage for the tropics by using the big body of water in the backyard makes sense, especially if you’ve got the right kinds of accessories. Water features, pool and screened enclosure lighting, even the right kind of privacy screen itself may make your job decorating easier.

Use what you have

A barbecue grill can serve double duty creating the smells while cooking the food and tiki torches can set the mood with the lighting and some brands offer protection from pests. If you’ve got plastic palm trees or leafy plants by the pool, make sure to include them. Beach chairs or even sturdier wicker furniture can help set a mood while serving a purpose of keeping guests comfortable. One rule of thumb to consider: the less special decorating you have to do, the better.

Decorate smart

Party stores sell tons of supplies and fortunately, “tropical” is a common enough theme to make shopping easy. That said, you don’t have to go crazy with cash.

Figure out just how much you need to decorate above and beyond what you’ve already got. After that, you can turn to the internet for decorating ideas. Pinterest is a place many people find homemade decorating ideas and also find pictures that spark ideas on how to use and where to place the flair that you create or buy. Greens, yellows, and oranges tend to be used as a color palette and dark woods and large leafed plants or grass thatching are popular tropical trimmings.

Large floral patterns and tropical fruit can be decorations as the items themselves or in print on clothing or on a backdrop. This is a place where pineapples can serve as more than a symbol of hospitality.

Mood music

If you’ve got the ability to include music in your party, you can opt for some soft instrumental reggae or even simply the sounds of nature, like waves crashing gently on the beach. It doesn’t have to be loud to add to the effect, but if you’ve got the taste, sights, and smells covered, the sense of sound is one of the last to consider. Sure, you bring the beach to your backyard with truckloads of shells and beach sand to include the fifth sense, but the only thing people really want to “feel” is like they’ve been transported to the tropics and that probably doesn’t need to include having sand creep into clothing. It’ll also make clean up a lot easier!

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