One Last Summer Bash Before Sending Your Kids Back to School

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You’re seeing the advertisements. You’ve been to the store and seen the school supplies being stocked on shelves. The calendar still says July, but you know the summer is starting to slip away and soon the kids will be heading back to school.

Maybe you’re going to miss having your kids around and want to throw one last party. Maybe you’re excited to have the house back during the day and want to celebrate. There’s a good chance, either way, you’re running low on energy and ideas to keep the kids entertained, so make the end of summer something easy while still being enjoyable.

Where you’ve been

The first thing to do is decide what you have and what you haven’t done. If you’ve thrown tons of pool parties all summer, this might be a time to throw a changeup and go with a game night. If you’ve been out and about most of the summer, keep it indoors and cozy with a movie. Maybe it’s been hot and muggy most of the month and you just want to get outdoors, so planning a trip to the park for a picnic is more to your liking.

Survey the land

If you’ve got a pool and it won’t get much use after the kids go back to school, maybe you can make the most of your time with the water and make it a pool party. This might be the time to break out all the fun toys and use all the accessories and areas you might normally keep closed up or not use. Inflate the inflatables and set up the water basketball hoop.

Got a gazebo? Consider a barbecue or movie under the stars. No backyard at all or bad weather when it’s most convenient? Try a new board game or streaming a movie no one has seen. If the kids spend too much time on their mobile devices, consider a “no phone night” or go the other way and plan a “Pokemon Go” walk party in the neighborhood.

Snack well

Once you decide you want to throw a party, consider the snacks, drinks and food you want to enjoy. Movie night?Salty and sweet is traditionally the way to go, but maybe you want to go healthy with the snacks instead. If you’re playing games, nothing sticky or too messy. Pool party? Offer lighter foods and make sure the real activity takes place before you eat so you don’t have to eat and swim and risk upset stomachs. If you are going on a picnic, you might want something easy to transport, dish out, and clean up.

Snack-wise, popcorn is a great choice for a snack as it’s cheap, easy, and can be buttered, salted, or sweetened. Pretzels, either the soft, baked kind or the crunchy, dry kind are a great choice. Experiment with some cool refreshing drinks or smoothies with fresh summer fruit or keep it simple and get the small sized bottles to keep spills at a minimum and clean up a cinch.

Your main course

There is a type of food that has been proven to work well in any event. Pizza is such a great choice mostly because everyone tends to enjoy it, but also because it’s a hand-held food that’s easy to portion and can be customized to fit the moods and the likings of everybody enjoying it. You can do dessert pizzas, healthy toppings, personalized offerings, classic pepperoni or extra cheese, deluxe, gluten free, homemade or delivery.

The easiest way to go is to call upon your favorite local pizza place to do the preparation and cooking for you. It comes in a box and clean up can be as easy as throwing paper plates into a bad and the box into a bag. Maybe this is the time you branch out on the menu and see what some side dishes or appetizers taste like. Make your own dipping sauces if that’s your thing.

Pick the right time

Waiting until the last minute to plan a party like this might be a bad idea. This can be the kind of send off kids will cherish or it can be a simple relaxing evening, but there may still be things the kids are looking to do before the summer ends and picking the wrong day and time might make the wrong kind of memorable impression. This is a chance to connect with the kids and set them up for another school year, so waiting until the weekend before school starts might cause more stress instead of provide much needed relaxation

If your idea of a summer bash is inviting over friends and family, you certainly need more advance notice, but even a simple low-key night needs to have input from the expected attendees. Unless the kids are young enough not to pout (and what school age child isn’t?), make sure you match the event to a time and place you can manage.

Don’t stress

It’s reasonable to assume you’d like to enjoy yourself, too. Unless you’ve already got plans for a big party, it might be best to keep it simple. Opt for the pizza. Buy snacks instead of making them or make them “do-it-yourself” style offerings. Use what you have and make it a movie or game night instead of making it a trip. Do what you can, but make sure if you’re trying to throw one last summer bash, that you’re enjoying yourself just as much as the kids, because before you know it, the school year will be here.

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