How to Plan a Stress-Free Pool Party

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Summer’s here, and if the kids aren’t already out of school, they soon will be. Before you know it, young and old alike will be ready to gather around the pool and party hearty. As host, your mission, should you accept it, is to throw an excellent bash without driving yourself crazy. This can be done, but the trick is in the planning.

Pick a theme

Coming up with a theme for your party streamlines the whole process, because it gives you a convenient jumping-off point for lots of other ideas—decorations, food, drink, games, and so on. Party stores practically exist to make theme parties a snap! So why not consider:

  • a tropical island theme
  • a surfer theme
  • a barbecue theme
  • a flamingo theme
  • a rubber ducky theme (not just for kids’ parties!)

Choose your theme a few weeks ahead, so you have time to come up with creative invitations and get your other arrangements lined up without falling prey to that last-minute crunch.

Buy or make simple invitations and/or decorations

Hitting the party store will totally make your life easier, but you’re into DYI and don’t want to buy themed invitations, you can easily make some of your own by tapping free templates available on line, writing the invite on miniature inflatable beach balls, or printing it out on themed scrapbook paper.

Decorations can be as simple as a couple inflatable palm trees, hula music on the boom box, and a table strewn with cheap leis and/or flip flops, or as elaborate as privacy screen printed with tropical images. How about a flock of rubber duckies floating in the pool? Kids will be thrilled to ride shark-shaped Styrofoam kickboards. Chosen wisely, a few decorations can go a long way, which translates into less time and effort for you. Think about:

  • a small wading pool heaped with drinks on ice
  • disposable dinnerware in eye-popping neon colors
  • a basket of towels, each one rolled up and banded in a pair of swim goggles
  • inexpensive banners and paper lanterns
  • a plethora of inflatable pool toys

Opt for a low-fuss menu

Always remember the party host’s rule of thumb: Any dish, or any part of a dish, you can make ahead of time will exponentially lower your stress level. Even barbecue can be prepped! Stress-saving food ideas include:

  • a side dish potluck to complement a barbecue
  • sliced fruits and veggies prepared a day ahead
  • watermelon wedges on popsicle sticks
  • candy and other treats disguised as pool toys: multicolored licorice sticks in a jar labeled “pool noodles” or gummy ring “life preservers”
  • a taco bar, all prepared the day before so you only have to warm up the meat

Although, come to think of it, when it comes to food, the best rule of thumb may be, “Let someone else do the cooking!” Everybody loves pizza, right? Plus, if there’s a Buck’s Pizza location in your area, you know can get the best pie available. So dump some of the pressure and give us a call!

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