Miami’s 10 Best Pizza Places

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Remember when pizza was simply sauce, cheese & meat? Yeah, we don’t either, but sometimes pizza recipes are so distinctive with dozens of ingredient combinations that eating it every night could still mean having something different each time. Pineapples, arugula, spinach, fresh tuna, classic pepperoni, and so much more. Sometimes, a regional flavor profile takes center stage and you’ll certainly experience that if you’re in southern Florida on the Atlantic coastal beaches.

Heading to Miami? Take a look at our list (in no particular order) of our choices for the top pizza spots for 2015.

Andiamo Brick Oven Pizza

Talk about a selection! Fresh ingredients & a great location. The atmosphere being located in the Historic MIMO (Miami Modern architecture) gives it this cool ambiance to start with and then being able to select such great toppings makes this a place that you must stop in to for a slice.

The Big Cheese

This pizza joint has been around for almost 30 years but the reason they made the list isn’t just about the pizza, the new items they are always adding or the location. It’s all about the giving back aspect that makes you want to support them. They are official sponsors of the University of Miami, feeding the team & doing charity events that help feed the community at large. Who wouldn’t want to support that effort?

Spris Pizza

Offering over 30 different types of pizza is the perfect example of pizza every night but never eating the same thing. This award winning pizza joint is a place that you must visit, have a slice and then sit and people watch.

Harry’s Pizzeria

Ever hear of pop up shops? What about pop up pizza? Well Harry’s has pop shops for pizza. How cool is that? So if you wanted to have a pizza party, you no longer have to order boxes that would be delivered to your doorstep, how about a pizza oven delivered to your doorstep & the pizza is made fresh at your party? Come on, that’s genius!

Ironside Pizza

When you think pizza, you don’t immediately think allergies right? Well for some, a battle with gluten is real which keeps folks from enjoying certain things. Well Ironside has a gluten free crust & vegan options for your pizza. How happy does this make folks who have had to pass up other pizza places? There isn’t a huge selection of flavors but the fact that they cater to a clientele who might otherwise get overlooked on the pizza circuit puts them firmly on the list of the best.

Blocks Pizza Deli

Another one that makes the list because of the process they use for the dough (leavened for 3 days) and they use organic ingredients. Whenever we think of pizza, often the thought is ooey, gooey, cheesey but never nutritious. This one makes the cut because who needs the guilt when enjoying a slice? This is almost guilt free.

Steve’s Pizza

Looking for a fun place to have a giant slice? Stop on over to Steve’s, it seems there’s always a party going on. Great friendly atmosphere and pizza the way you expect it from your casual, local pizza spot.


Often when you want a personal sized pizza, they are on the kids menu and there aren’t many selections. Don’t want to share but still want a specialty pizza? You get to have a small pizza all to yourself with your special toppings. Gotta love that!

Ristorante Fratelli Milano

This one made the list for reasons way outside of pizza. How cool is it that the chefs are not just brothers but they are twins? Most of us dread the holiday parties because of awkward family moments, these two decided to go into business together and make great food instead of weird memories.

Kings County Pizza

New York pizza that according to their site is “New York tested, New York approved”. If you really want an authentic taste of New York, stop in or have a pie delivered from Kings County.

Doesn’t this list doesn’t have your mouth watering! See how many of these places (and new ones) you can try before the end of the year, or at least before next December!

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