How to Bring Pizza for Lunch without Losing Taste or Texture

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Wouldn’t it be nice to bring a slice of pizza to work or school for lunch (or even breakfast), and reheat it without ruining its taste or texture?

If you’ve ever tried the traditional method of microwaving, you know you’ll usually end up with a soggy, floppy crust and lose most of the tasty pizza flavor. That’s a huge loss—especially if you’ve gone out of your way for a tasty and authentic New York or California-style pizza!

The good news is, there’s a better way! Try this amazing new technique and you’ll be able to enjoy your pizza for many days, without sacrificing taste or texture!

The first step to microwaving your pizza properly is to put it on a microwave-safe plate, which means using ceramic or glass. Don’t use plastic, which can leech dangerous chemicals into your food, or metal, which will cause sparks and damage your microwave.

Place a paper towel between your pizza and the plate to soak up the extra grease and increase the crispness, unless it is very dried out, in which case skip the paper towel. If you’re looking for an extra crispy crust, slip a piece of parchment paper under the pizza instead. Then, put your pizza slice or slices into the microwave.

The next step is the real secret to getting the taste and texture you want. When you put the pizza in the microwave, add a cup or mug filled about two-thirds of the way with tap water. Make sure the mug is also microwave-safe. If your microwave is large enough, put the cup right next to the plate. Otherwise, you can balance your plate of pizza on top of the mug of water. Make sure it’s balanced securely, especially if your microwave has a rotation feature.

Now, sit back and watch the magic! As the water heats up, it will release a small amount of steam. This steam will fluff up your pizza crust and will infuse the sauce, cheese, and toppings with moisture. For best results, microwave at half-strength power in one minutes increments, checking your pizza in between to see if it is done. Be careful not to burn yourself touching the plate, mug, or the pizza itself. Removing the mug is easier if the ceramic mug has a handle. The sauce on your pizza can get especially hot, so watch out that you don’t burn your tongue when taking a bite!

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