Have You Tried All of These Mouth-Watering Pizza Styles?

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There is no shortage of pizza styles, but there are three that are instantly recognizable by nearly everyone, and you need to treat your taste buds to each of them! Best of all, you won’t even need to leave your city to try them all!

Bon appetit!

New York-style pizza

New York-style pizza

Pizza first hit American shores in New York, founded by Gennaro Lombardi in New York City’s Little Italy in 1905, which may be why so many insist that New York-style pizza is the best.

New York–style pizza is characterized by large hand-tossed thin-crust pizza, baked in coal brick ovens, and often sold in wide slices to go. Its tasty crust is crisp along the edges, yet pliable enough that it can be easily folded in half to eat. This classic pizza style is typically about 18″ in diameter, and usually cut into 8 slices.

This classic pizza style achieves its distinguishing crust from high-gluten bread flour, and many New Yorkers credit minerals present in New York City water for giving the dough a unique flavor. Some out-of-state pizzerias even city water from New York City in an attempt to mimic the authentic taste. Typical condiments include oregano, grated Parmesan cheese, garlic powder, and dried red chili pepper flakes.

Chicago-style pizza

Chicago-style pizza

Chicago-style pizza typically refers to deep-dish pizza, which is baked in a special pan to create high edges and a deep surface to hold plenty of cheese and chunky tomato sauce. Chicago-style pizza may be prepared in deep-dish style and as a stuffed pizza.

The toppings are assembled in the reverse order of most pizzas, because it takes longer to bake, which would burn other toppings, especially cheese, if they were on the top. The crust is covered with mozzarella cheese, then pepperoni or sausage are added. Other toppings, like onions, mushrooms and bell peppers are then added. Crushed, canned tomatoes top the pizza, then Parmesan cheese is sometimes sprinkled on top. When ordered for carry-out or delivery, the pizza is left uncut to prevent the oils from soaking into the crust and making it soggy.

California-style pizza

California-style pizza

California-style pizza is a single-serving pizza that combines New York-style thin crust with toppings from the California cuisine cooking style.

Invented by chef Ed LaDou, it was made popular throughout America by and California Pizza Kitchen and Wolfgang Puck, when it was served to him as an off-menu invention that included mustard, ricotta, pâté, and red pepper.

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