Extra Virgin Olive Oil at the peak of freshness

September 7, 2017 by | Comments Off on Extra Virgin Olive Oil at the peak of freshness

Just like our tomatoes, we will never use fake ingredients to save a buck and sacrifice quality at Buck’s Pizza.  That holds true even for the smallest of details on our menu – including our olive oil!

We use an Extra Virgin Olive Oil made by Corto Olive Co. – the same great family who provide us with their special Roma tomatoes grown in the San Joaquin Valley

Our customers love our extra virgin olive oil to use for dipping our Buck’s Famous Bread Stix or drizzled on our Fresh Mozzarella and Tomato Salad – a delicious “Caprese Salad” with fresh tomato flavor combined with fresh mozzarella cheese and drizzled in our Corto extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Why do we go to great lengths when sourcing the finest, most delicious ingredients for our menu? Because we’re not going to let our own family down, let along your family.

Check out this video below from Corto Olive Co.  Corto plants their olives in a grape vineyard style process where they’ve changed the shapes of the trees so they have the ability to harvest the olives immediately at the peak of maturity when the olives are changing from green to violet.  Learn about their “gentle picking fingers”!

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