Fresh Tomatoes, Not From Concentrate

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Some might look at their sauce as a problem and a cost and will buy a cheap, generic, and quick product to pass off as high quality. At Buck’s, we care a lot about our ingredients and don’t mind spending a little bit more money and time on making sure we are using the best ingredients. We will always use Fresh Tomatoes, Not From Concentrate.

For our sauce, Buck’s Pizza at all of our locations uses a Roma tomato grown in the San Jauquin Valley in California. If you’ve heard of San Marzano tomatoes from Italy, these are very similar but grown in the U.S. We buy our tomatoes from a family-owned company, just like Buck’s Pizza. And they’re obsessed with the details of freshness and quality just like Buck’s Pizza. It’s all about Time and Temperature, which we learned attending their Tomato University!

When it comes to time, our tomatoes don’t sit around. The tomatoes are harvested when perfectly ripe, and are immediately turned into sauce. We will always use fresh tomatoes too, not from concentrate. Our tomato partners say

Avoid tomato products re-manufactured from concentrate because they are overexposed to flavor-damaging heat. Instead, look for tomato products which say “Packed From Fresh Tomatoes, Not From Concentrate” on the label. In the US., it is illegal to print “Not From Concentrate” on tomato product labels unless it is true!

The other reason why our sauce tastes so good is because of the detail to temperature. Between the two kinds of heat exposure, time and temperature, temperature is the most damaging. Therefore, our partners focus on a key goal of maximizing fresh flavor by minimizing heat intensity (cooking temperature).

Our fresh, delicious sauce is a key ingredient not only in our pizza, but also for our pasta sauce, tomato soup, and even for our salsa.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know our tomatoes a little bit more. At Buck’s Pizza, we will always be committed to using the best ingredients for you. Why do we care so much? There’s a saying, quality products attract quality customers.

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